April 13, 2008

Memory Keeper’s Daughter on TV

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The Memory Keeper’s Daughter has been made into a TV movie. It will air on Lifetime at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM tonight on Lifetime. It will also be on Lifetime at 9:00 PM tomorrow. The cast includes Dermot Mulroney, Gretchen Mol, and Emily Watson.

Here is a link for more information, including an interview with Kim Edwards: http://www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/movies/memory-keepers-daughter

Thank you Sue and Gloria for bringing this to my attention! 🙂



February 7, 2008

Is anybody out there?

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I hope we haven’t finished discussing this book, readers…….I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on what we’ve read. I, for one, cannot justify David’s actions , and I wonder why Rosemary was brought into the story line, as she faded away with no consequence. What are YOUR thoughts? I also must admit that David’s death was cheesy, almost contrived by the author, and not too believeable or dramatic. Any ideas why?

January 22, 2008


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Is there a character with whom you particularly connect? Why?

Or, on a similar note, does anyone else find Paul’s character a little unbelievable?

I personally think his actions are those of an older adolescent, not a 13 year old…

What if…?

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What do you think Norah’s reaction would have been if David had been honest with her from the beginning? How might Norah have responded to the news that she had a daughter with Down syndrome? How might each of their lives have been different if David had not handed Phoebe to Caroline that fateful day?

*Question from the publisher

Keeping secrets

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The secret that David keeps is enormous and ultimately terribly destructive to himself and his family. Can you imagine a circumstance when it might be the right choice to shield those closest to you from the truth?

*Question from the publisher


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When David meets Rosemary (p. 267) it turns out to be a cathartic experience for him. What is it about her that enables David to finally speak the truth? Why does he feel compelled to take care of her?

*Question from the publisher

Norah’s “fight” with wasps

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After Norah has successfully destroyed the wasps’ nest, Edwards writes that there was something happening in Norah’s life, “an explosion, some way in which life could never be the same” (p. 139). What does she mean, and what is the significance of Norah’s “fight” with these wasps?

*Question from publisher

David and Caroline?

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There is an obvious connection between David and Caroline, most aptly captured by a particular moment described through David’s point of view: “Their eyes met, and it seemed to the doctor that he knew her – that they knew each other – in some profound and certain way” (p. 12). What is the significance of this moment for each of them? How would you describe the connection between them? Why do you think David married Norah and not Caroline?

*Question from the publisher

Passengers on the road of life!

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Throughout the novel, the characters often describe themselves as feeling as if they are watching their own lives from the outside. For instance, David describes the moment when his wife is going into labor and says “he felt strangely as if he himself were suspended in the room…watching them both from above” (p. 10). What do you think Edwards is trying to convey here? Have you ever experienced similar feelings in your own life?

*Question provided by publisher

Quality of life?

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Though David wanted no part of her, Phoebe goes on to lead a full life, bringing much joy to Caroline and Al. Her story calls into question how we determine what kind of life is worth living. How would you define such a life? In contrast to Phoebe’s, how would you describe the quality of Paul’s life as he grew up?

*Question from publisher

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