March 8, 2008

Bruno’s mother

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Explain what Bruno’s mother means when she says, “We don’t have the luxury of thinking” (page 13). Why is Bruno’s mother unhappy at Out-With? Identify scenes from the novel that support your answer.

*from the Readers’ Guide



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At age twelve, Gretel is the proper age for membership in the League of Young Girls, a branch of the Hitler Youth. Why do you think she is not a member, especially since her father is a high-ranking officer in Hitler’s army?

*from the Readers’ Guide


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I thought the scene when “the Fury” comes for dinner was really interesting. I was struck by the fact that Eva was such a nice character… how can she stand to be with “the Fury”? Was she a nice person in real life? How can someone who seemed to intuit how the children were feeling not have empathy for the people her partner was destroying?

March 5, 2008

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I have a love hate relationship with this book. The language, the voice, the contrast of Bruno’s innocence against the reality of the times -all amazing. Another part of me, however, is upset because as a young adult book, if the reader isn’t aware of the horror of Hitler’s reign, it is really glossed over. The innuendo is there, as when on page 148 Pavel, the waiter suffers the rage of Lieutenant Kotler, Boyne simply writes, “What happened then was unexpected and extremely unpleasant… and not even Father stepped in to stop him doing what he did next , even though none of them could watch.”

The current generation of young adults is far removed from the memories of that era – their great grandparents era – and they don’t study the Holocaust until high school. I guess I question how a preteen or early teen would interpret the story. Or at what level they would grasp it. Does this make sense? I actually laid awake thinking about it. The book has definitely had an impact on me! (I must confess – I did finish it already…)

March 3, 2008

Male child in the horizontally multicolored night wear

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I too am enthralled by the voice in this story so far – and I expected Father to be more distant in his relationship with the boy. I was trembling for Bruno when he went into the office to see his Dad. Mother’s attitude through the packing and the move gave me the impression that Father was not all that caring.

Gloria, I can see where this would be disturbing knowing the horrors of the that time and place. I am finding however, the author giving us a glimpse of there being innocents among the population.

Even though the story so far is sprinkled with some wit – it is a depressing read.

March 1, 2008

Boy in Striped Pajamas – Ch. 1 – 5

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Gloria, can you explain exactly what it is that disturbs you about this book so far? I hope it’s a good, “giving-me-something-to-think-about” feeling, and not about the book itself?

Was anyone else surprised by the boy’s father? I expected him to be gruff and cold, but that is not how he was portrayed when we first meet him in his office. I will be interested to see how his character develops. What do you think about the sister and mother?

I know several of us have talked about this in person, but I am really impressed with the Voice of the main character. I feel like we are really getting a glimpse into his mind, yet we still learn volumes about the other characters in the story.

February 25, 2008

New Book! The Boy in Striped Pajamas

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Here is a tenative reading schedule for our new book:

For Friday, 2/29: Read through chapter 5.

For Monday, 3/3: Read through chapter 7.

3/6: Read through ch. 9

3/9: through ch. 12

3/13: through ch 14

3/17: through ch 17

3/20: Finished! Just in time for spring!

Let’s try to read and post as we go along! Any suggestions?