Since we were having trouble finding a common, convenient time for a book group, I offer you the Dragons Devouring Delicious Books Blog! The purpose of this blog is to provide a space for book discussion. You can post here at any time from anywhere!

The first step is creating a login so we know who is “speaking”. It will not cost you anything, and you do not have to create your own blog (unless you want to!). The only thing you need is an email address.

Participating is very easy! To view the posts, you can click on “Recent Posts” to the right, or you could click on the book title under categories. To view all the comments, click on the comment link under the post. To respond to a post, simply type your thoughts in the “Leave a Comment” box. When you are finished, click on the “Submit Comment” button.

If you would like to contribute to the book discussion by posing questions instead of just responding, please let Annie know. You will be added as an author, which gives you the ability to write new posts. The more, the merrier!

Happy Reading!



  1. Well, I couldn’t put the book down! As a result, I got very little done around the house until I had finished the book! And then I couldn’t get my mind off the story line: I found myself rethinking, analyzing, comparing, looking for significant patterns and so forth as I attempted to catch up on missed housework. I realize I lack self-control when it comes to an unread book in the house! But it sure is fun!

  2. Gloria Caviglia said,

    Goodness Sue, you have me intrigued!

    I guess it’s off to the bookstore tomorrow evening for purchase.Just give me a few days and I’ll join in the discussion!

  3. mrsavery said,

    Wow Sue! I actually read the book a few weeks ago when we first started talking about doing the book club… and I promptly forgot most of it because I have read several books since! I too had a hard time putting it down. I am planning to get hold of another copy to reread so I can contribute to discussions! This is so much fun!

  4. Ms. Davis said,

    How exciting! I’ll get right on adding some discussion questions – and I will add you all as authors so that you can post questions, too. I will also change the blog so the first page you see is the page about our book. Check back often!

  5. Thanks for responding , Gloria and Colleen! I was hoping I wasn’t just writing into empty space! This is going to push back the walls of my mind – and remind me there is life beyond school! Sue!

  6. cakequeen2 said,

    This is far from empty space! This book is renting space in my head, and I am hoping to get to more of it tonight!

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