October 19, 2009

Just checking in…..

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:08 am by Ms. Davis

Have you started? Where are you in the book? I am up to chapter 18. I never realized how much there was to this story!

One thing I find really interesting is the concept of gender roles.  Has anyone else noticed the parallels between Jonathan and Lucy?

What else have you discovered? When should we meet?



  1. Gloria Caviglia said,

    I just finished chapter 2…….slow going because I have NO TIME!

    It’s becoming curiouser and curiouser………

  2. Summar Razvi said,

    I am ready to listen to chapter 7 today at the gym. I’m finding it harder to follow the musings of the women than it was Jonathan’s diary. I think partly because I am listening. I wonder how this ties in to the gender differences you mention Annie.

    Are we going to try to meet before Halloween?

    Has anyone explored the sequel to Dracula written by Dacre Stoker? I have read some good reviews on it. Check it out:


    Happy reading!

  3. Gloria Caviglia said,

    Well folks, I finished the book over the weekend, and I must say, I find it quite interesting that Mina is such an independent woman for the era that she lives in. The movies depict the lady victims as weak, meek, and mild… “having vapors” if you will. Mina certainly holds her own in the world of men! I cannot wait to discuss and explore the myriad of themes from this book…..when do we meet?

  4. Ms. Davis said,

    Ok, I originally said Thursday, but that doesnt work. How about next Friday at 745? (Nov 6)
    I’m ready! I am almost done with the book.

  5. Gloria Caviglia said,

    Nov. 6 sounds good to me.
    Has anyone else shed tears over the emotional language used by Quincy?

  6. Summar Razvi said,

    Friday sounds good to me!

  7. Marlena Gault said,

    Friday is good for me as well! I am finished with the book and ready to discuss! 🙂

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