February 18, 2009

Discussion Questions – In the Company of the Courtesan

Posted in Company of the Courtesan tagged , at 1:21 pm by Ms. Davis

Here are a few discussion questions from the back of my book. These definitely helped me to see and think about this book in a new light:

1. In what ways does Courtesan seem historically accurate to you? What details about Renaissance Italy do you think came from the author’s imagination, and what aspects of it do you think are based on her historical research of the period?

2. Do you think a character like Fiammetta could exist in today’s world? What, if anything, is modern about her?

3. What did you think of Fiammetta’s relationship with her mother, and of her mother’s influence on her life?

4. Courtesan is told from Bucino’s perspective. Why do you think the author wrote it this way, rather than from Fiammetta’s point of view? What are the benefits of hearing the story and seeing Venice from Bucino’s standpoint? What are the limitations?

5. We tend to think of Fiammetta’s profession as one that is very hard on women; one that doesn’t make for a happy life. On the whole, do you consider Fiametta to be content or unhappy?

6. Did you find La Draga to be a likeable character? Did your view of her change as your reading progressed?

7. Is is accurate to describe Courtesan as a novel of “rebirth”? What are some other themes of this novel?

**More to follow!**


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