November 19, 2008

Our New Book!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:31 pm by Ms. Davis

Thank you so much for making our first book club meeting a success! We enjoyed non-sticky sticky buns, a blueberry crisp, bagels and juice! The most nourishing thing of all, though, was spending time with each other discussing The People of the Book. 🙂

If you like, please feel free to continue our discussion online by leaving a comment. I know I always need some time to chew some things over.

Our next book will be The Almost Moon, by Alice Sebold. Those of you looking for thought-provoking questions, here are some to start you off. I will try to post more in a few weeks. Our next meeting will be after Christmas break, specific date to follow.

Thank you! Happy Reading!



  1. Jackie said,

    So what is going on with “Almost Moon”? Is anyone out there reading it??? I have finished it and am wondering where everyone else is with it.

  2. Ms. Davis said,

    Thanks, Jackie! Most people are done with the book, so it’s time for a breakfast meeting!

    Our next meeting is Friday, January 16 at 745. Bring a breakfast snack if you like.

    Also, please come with any ideas you may have for our next book!

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