November 12, 2008

Some things to think about….

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:42 pm by Ms. Davis

Which of the stories in People of the Book did you find most compelling? Was it a believable history of the Sarajevo Haggadah?

Isak tells Mordechai, “At least the pigeon does no harm. The hawk lives at the expense of other creatures that dwell in the desert.” (p.50). If you were Lola, would you have left the safety of your known life and gone to Palestine? Is it better to live as a pigeon or a hawk? Or is there an alternative?

Do you think the different chapters, which told different stories, hung together well? Did you like how Brooks revisited Lola’s story in the end?

Did you connect with Hanna? Did you find her relationships with her mother and Orzen believable? What did they add to the overall story?

Why do you think Father Vistorini saved the Haggadah in the end?

Were you surprised by Ruth’s boldness? Why don’t you think her mother and father realized the depth of her spirituality and courage?

Hanna’s mother justifies her poor parenting through her feminist ideals. How did you see women’s situation change over the years? Do you think Hanna’s mothers attitude was necessary to bring about permanent change for women?

Was Nura’s decision to give Al-Mora to the doctor selfish or a way of looking out for her friend?

Do you think the suspenseful ending fit with the rest of the book? Were you surprised by what happened? If you were Hanna, would you have forgiven Orzen?


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