May 18, 2008

Wicked: Part II – Gillikin

Posted in Wicked tagged , at 9:29 pm by Ms. Davis

What is your response to the story so far? Are you interested in the characters?

Can we be through Part II – Gillikin by next Sunday, May 25? Let me know if you need more time!

Don’t forget that you can post questions or thoughts to stand alone, or you could write a comment in response to a post. Write away! Hope you are enjoying the book, so far!



  1. cakequeen2 said,

    Has anyone begun to see the similarities between the use of “Lurline” vs Jesus Christ? The good vs evil theme is quite evident, especially the belief in false gods and the desire to evolve a “religion” if you will ,of followers for the cause. I don’t want to write much more, because I don’t know where you all are in your reading……….

  2. Ms. Davis said,

    I definitely see the “Lurline”/ Jesus parallel. Religion and race issues seem to be very important themes throughout the story so far. I think the good vs. evil theme is Maguire’s main focus – and I think he wants the reader to think about what the nature of evil is. In the original Wizard of Oz, the assumption is that the Wicked Witch of the West is evil – and here, at least so far, that does not seem to be the case.
    Isn’t Madame Morrible loathsome? Ew! I cringe when she is involved in the story.
    I am done with part 2 – where is everyone else in their reading?

  3. mrsavery said,

    OK, I’m a slacker. I had to go back and reread Part I – so I have only touched the first few pages of Part II. So sorry. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t blog along without me. 🙂 I will go back and add my two cents to part one. Peigi – I thought you were going to post the other night! :~)

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