May 11, 2008

New Book: Wicked by Gregory Maguire

Posted in Wicked tagged at 8:54 pm by Ms. Davis

Our next book will be Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Let’s try to have the first part, Munchkinlanders, done this weekend (Sunday, May 18). Please post any comments or insights! Let’s make this a busy blog!

Also, let’s see if we can get more discussion going about Empire Falls. There is so much to think about!



  1. peigi said,

    OK. Ready to read!!!

  2. cakequeen2 said,

    Picked mine up yesterday from the library………..looking forward to it!!

  3. Ms. Davis said,

    I’m ready, too! In fact – I’ve started! I am having a hard time stopping. 🙂

  4. cakequeen2 said,

    Well, let me be the first to blog on this crazy tale. At times it sounds very contemporary, and then it will sound very medieval, and then it turns quite Hobbit-ish. McGuire is a genious………already I can see the “future”shaping up, which brings us to OZ, and how everyone arrived there from the point he begins. The discourse on trains, sex, and attending college gives it a contemporary feel. Of course the tick tock dragon gives it the medieval spin. A goat for a professor? I love the sentence where she sits by the old goat on the train- and it really IS a goat! Very CS Lewis-like.
    May I comment on the “greeness” of our character? At Shiz, it it presented as if it were a race/ social issue. Very interesting tale…………..I cannot imagine this on Broadway!

  5. Ms. Davis said,

    I forgot how totally weird this first part is! Does anyone else think Frex is a total loser? I thought the bits about all the Ozmas was very interesting, and it is definitely a completely different element from the original story.

  6. peigi said,

    I haven’t gotten to the parts with the goat or the train.

    I was wondering if the green color and the sharp teeth had something to do with the fact that she was born in the belly of the dragon (copper disc scales?) I also noticed that the book opened with a bunch of gossip about the witch and that the dragon thing sort of created rumors.

    I don’t care for Frex either.

  7. mrsavery said,

    I would say the first part is weird! I’m NOT a prude by ANY means, but I was a bit surprised by all the sexual threads. I scarfed through Part I in one night because I was behind, but that didn’t do me much good, because I had to reread it! Frex is a bum – interesting that the character is a minister, but the behavior is a bit out there. I did mark some pages, so I promise I will get back on here this weekend and comment more on Part 1. Peigi – I too was thinking the green may have had something to do with the dragon belly. However, when Nanny started grilling M about the new pregnancy, who knows who or what little Ephie’s father was.

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