April 13, 2008

Empire Falls: Baseball Mitt

Posted in Empire Falls tagged , at 11:19 am by Ms. Davis

So, I realize that I am behind, but I just finished Part 1 in Empire Falls. I would like to know what you think of the baseball mitt. What do you think it is symbolic of? What does it mean that Miles left it behind? It was so very important that Miles be able to bring it on their vacation, but unimportant enough by the end of the vacation to forget it.

I’m thinking it represents Miles’ youthful innocence. He’s had one of those “you can never go home again” experiences on Martha’s Vineyard. Even though Grace says at the end, “Nothing’s going to change. Not one thing,” the truth is that everything has changed. Miles has gone from the child’s way of perceiving his parents to a more honest perception of them, and that makes all the difference in the world.

I’m still trying to work out how the amazing catch at the beginning of this flashback factors in, and all the other baseball connections. Leave it to me, sports fan, to focus on this aspect of the book right now. 🙂

I hope you are all enjoying this book – it has certainly grown on me. What are you thinking about it?


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  1. mrsavery said,

    I, too, think the glove is representative of his innocence left behind. I had to reread Part I – to get myself back into the book, and have just finished Part II. I am beginning to suspect there is a connection between CIndy, “the cripple” and Miles – as in familial connection. The suspiscion comes from them both being born at the same time, and then the strong connection between Miles’ mother and Mrs. Whiting. and why would Mrs. Whiting be so involved in Miles’ life so far.
    Isn’t Max a hoot?? Thank God, my husband isn’t like that!
    I am enjoying all the small town idiosyncrosies – and the character development. I know some of those people! How about the senile priest? or Timmy the cat??? There has to be some major symbolism tied to her. and you’ve gotta love to hate Jimmy Minty. Anyway – a very enjoyable read!

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