March 3, 2008

Male child in the horizontally multicolored night wear

Posted in Boy in Striped Pajamas at 7:16 pm by mrsavery

I too am enthralled by the voice in this story so far – and I expected Father to be more distant in his relationship with the boy. I was trembling for Bruno when he went into the office to see his Dad. Mother’s attitude through the packing and the move gave me the impression that Father was not all that caring.

Gloria, I can see where this would be disturbing knowing the horrors of the that time and place. I am finding however, the author giving us a glimpse of there being innocents among the population.

Even though the story so far is sprinkled with some wit – it is a depressing read.


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  1. cakequeen2 said,

    One other thought: my friend’s family lived quite near Aushwitz during the height of the imprisonment, and they claimed that they truly did not know what was going on. They could see smoke in the air, but never ventured from their farm. This is another reason to believe that ALL Germans weren’t bad people, and that there were more than children who were innocent.

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