March 1, 2008

Boy in Striped Pajamas – Ch. 1 – 5

Posted in Boy in Striped Pajamas tagged at 11:48 am by Ms. Davis

Gloria, can you explain exactly what it is that disturbs you about this book so far? I hope it’s a good, “giving-me-something-to-think-about” feeling, and not about the book itself?

Was anyone else surprised by the boy’s father? I expected him to be gruff and cold, but that is not how he was portrayed when we first meet him in his office. I will be interested to see how his character develops. What do you think about the sister and mother?

I know several of us have talked about this in person, but I am really impressed with the Voice of the main character. I feel like we are really getting a glimpse into his mind, yet we still learn volumes about the other characters in the story.



  1. Kathy Nace said,

    I LOVE this book–the voice, the authenticity, the innocence of an 8 year old, which helps me to rationalize how a world could have “known” yet not. The father reminds me of several films I’ve seen over the years (usually foreign ones) in which the father is portrayed in kind. I think it’s the only thing that can help me humanize the Nazi soldiers, for me to believe they truly had a soul. I also got quite a kick out of the sibling interactions and feeling portrayed. Reminds me of my youth—4 score and 7 years ago—teehee. K

  2. cakequeen2 said,

    I think that the disturbing part is that humanity can be so cruel, and this innocent boy is oblivious to the horrors of what is to follow ( at least for the time being). I wonder if it will change him and harden him to life-or destroy his belief in family and humanity when he discovers what and who is father is. As for the mother and sister, do not think that mom is as naive as she may be portrayed. She KNOWS the deal, but her position during the time period is one of deference to her husband, and his business. The sister seems to be into the whole girly thing, so I am not sure if she KNOWS and just isn’t saying.

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