February 7, 2008

Is anybody out there?

Posted in Memory Keeper's Daughter tagged at 8:07 pm by Gale Carnevale

I hope we haven’t finished discussing this book, readers…….I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on what we’ve read. I, for one, cannot justify David’s actions , and I wonder why Rosemary was brought into the story line, as she faded away with no consequence. What are YOUR thoughts? I also must admit that David’s death was cheesy, almost contrived by the author, and not too believeable or dramatic. Any ideas why?


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  1. Ms. Davis said,

    I, too, thought Rosemary would have some other kind of function in the story. I thought the relationship between David and Rosemary towards the end of the novel was kind of weird. Also, I hated the way David died. I actually flipped back and forth to see if I missed a page. We see events from his perspective throughout the book, but then his death is completely glossed over. Perhaps the author was trying to draw a parallel between David’s death and Phoebe’s “death” to the family. Finally, Caroline’s decision to tell Norah seemed to come completely out of the blue. I think our author felt that somehow Norah would have to find out that Phoebe existed, but maybe she didn’t know how to do it? I felt frustrated at the end, because their family was destroyed over David’s poor decision, and he was too stubborn to attempt repairing it until it was too late. This book definitely has some weak spots, but it still provoked strong emotions for me. I had to put it down for a few days at one point because I was so sad about the whole thing.

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