January 22, 2008


Posted in Memory Keeper's Daughter tagged , , at 9:39 pm by Ms. Davis

When David meets Rosemary (p. 267) it turns out to be a cathartic experience for him. What is it about her that enables David to finally speak the truth? Why does he feel compelled to take care of her?

*Question from the publisher

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  1. Ms. Davis said,

    Obviously, Rosemary knows nothing of David or his family, so it must have felt safe for him to “spill” to her. However, I think David desperately needed to unload, and I’m not sure it mattered who the other person was. It was an interesting plot device for Rosemary to be pregnant and dealing with all her issues, but… I think David was going to talk no matter what. He was overwhelmed on all fronts.

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